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Mark Cheng Cambridge Marketing Officer a

Mark Cheng

Mark is a 3rd year Medical Student based at the University of Cambridge. He has previously led projects in student global health organisations and medtech initiatives. He is fascinated by the operational and financial aspects of healthcare systems and academical institutes, and will work with Polygeia to spread the word about our activities and projects across Cambridge. His interests include Epidemiology and Public Health, Healthcare and MedTech management and consultancy.

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Angelica Akrami

Angelica is a medical student at the University of Cambridge. She has an interest in effective altruism and adapting global health policy to do the most good. She has experience in global health as the previous strategy officer and vice-president for Trinity AMR Action Group. Her hope is to become a academic clinician involved in public health. As Vice-President, Angelica helps support the recruitment of new researchers, as well as ensuring communication between branch members and external links. 

London BRANCh

bristol BRANCh

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Patricia Pont Sanchis

Patricia is BSc Medical Biosciences with Management student at Imperial College London, eager to complement my scientific skills with business acumen, and influence global health policies. Having lived in Lisbon, Warsaw, Milan and now London, I have embraced different cultures and appreciated the diversity around me. Outside of the sciences, my interest in music has taken me around the world playing the violin in various orchestras. I’m hoping to pursue a master’s in Pharmaceutical Management and expand my horizons while travelling the world.

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Apurva Lunia

Muhammad is a medical student at King’s College London, intercalating at the London School of Economics in International Health Policy. Avidly passionate about psychiatry, he hopes to use his time at LSE to investigate macro-level issues concerning mental health policy, funding and equity.

In summer, he will be conducting an internship at CPEC supervised by the Director of NIHR SSCR where he will look into the economic consequences of BPD.

He endeavours to demonstrate his abilities in strategy, management and leadership, in his role as Branch President, and aims to create a fun, engaging dynamic at the London Branch of Polygeia. His future plans aside from clinical psychiatry involve the pursuit of alternative careers such as in the regulatory landscape of pharmaceuticals.

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Seth Collin
Outreach Officer

Seth is a medical student in his second year at the University of Cambridge. He is keen to learn more about global health issues and policy and hopes to pursue a mixed clinical and academic career. As outreach officer, Seth is responsible for spreading awareness of Polygeia, its projects, and other activities.


Anamay Shetty

Branch Editor

Anamay is a final year medical student at the University of Cambridge with a BA in bioengineering. He has an interest in the politics of global health and past experience in Polygeia as a researcher and editor, and hopes to pursue a clinical academic career in medicine. As Branch Editor, Anamay oversees projects in Cambridge, providing ongoing supervision and support to these research teams.

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Matt Richardson

Matt is a final-year Law student at the University of Bristol. He hopes to work within law and policy relating to global health, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals in the future. As President, Matt oversees the branch’s recruitment, policy and logistical operations.

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