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International Branches

International Branches

 INTERNATIONAL BRANCHES of polygeia are independent organisations focusing on training students in their respective countries

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Stockholm Branch


Denny Gombalová
Training Officer

Denny is a Master’s student in Bioentrepreneurship at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. With background in academic research and brand management of pharmaceuticals, she aims to facilitate the communication between corporate life science and academia. She is joining Polygeia as a training officer to support researchers and editors towards completion of their projects


Ludmila Massango
Branch Editor

Ludmila has been able to combine my education with great experience in different tech companies until I accepted a fulltime employment position as a Junior Bioware Developer. Complementing the impact to science with humanitarian work, I am also strongly involved in the german NGO Aid Pioneers e.V. where students collaborate to present pragmatic solutions to humanitarian crises. Working in a multicultural and interdisciplinary team, combining fundamental research with the drive to tangibly impact the health of patients is the ultimate goal in my career. Therefore, I am currently persuing a MSc in Biomedicine at Karolinska Institutet and exploring opportunities in the field of global health.

New York Branch

New York Branch


Aurelia Li

Aurelia is a third-year undergraduate at New York University studying biology and minoring in public health. As the President, she oversees and manages the internal relations between the NY Branch researchers and Team Leads as well as external relations with NGOs and Advising Professors. She hopes to pursue a career in the medical and public health field in the future.


Yashita Thota

Yashita is a 3rd year Psychology major at NYU with minors in Chemistry and Business Studies. As NY Vice President she oversees branch policy satisfaction in regards to research teams and members. She hopes to take the collaboration and research skills she has developed through Polygeia to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology.


Srinidhi Ananth

Srinidhi Ananth is a Junior at New York University, majoring in Applied Psychology and Global Public Health, and serving as the Secretary of the Polygeia NY Branch. Throughout her three years at Polygeia, she has conducted research on a variety of topics, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, hygiene and sanitation, and minority populations' access to healthcare. As Secretary, Srinidhi maintains a line of communication between the leaders of Polygeia and the members of the New York Branch, helping to plan events and assisting with projects. Srinidhi is passionate about aiding minority populations, studying global health outcomes, and researching neurocognitive development in children.


Stacy Chao
Training Officer

Stacy is a Junior majoring in Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Chemistry at New York University. Some of her hobbies include playing different instruments and reading.


Rachel Wu
Marketing Officer

Rachel is a first-year undergraduate at New York University studying Media, Culture, and Communication and Global Public Health. As the Marketing Officer of the New York branch, she facilitates internal and external communication of the branch and manages the branch's Instagram account and designs social media posts to share important updates and promote upcoming events to club members. She looks forward to exploring the intersection between the fields of media and public health and how they work together to improve health outcomes in communities.


Tenzin Rinkartsang

T is an ​undergraduate second year student studying Biochemistry at New York University. She hopes to pursue a medical career path in the future while continuing to work in research in order to make a meaningful impact on others and help those who are in need. As the treasurer, she is financially responsible for the NYU Branch of Polygeia and she also communicates and work with the rest of e-board in order to ensure that high-equality and effective research is being done.

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