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2014 Conference


In our first ever conference, Polygeia was fortunate enough to be able to host a fantastic variety of eminent speakers from a variety of fields.

Keynote speaker

Dr Lorenzo Savioli was Director of the World Health Organization’s Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases for 9 years, championing the cause of the “other diseases” referred to in the Millennium Development Goals. Having retired from WHO earlier this year, he has now joined the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine as a Senior Professorial Fellow. 

Anti-microbial Drugs

Prof Sharon Peacock

Consultant medical microbiologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Chair of the Cambridge Infectious Diseases Initiative and the deputy director of the Wellcome Trust Cambridge Centre for Global Health Research.  She previously worked for 7 years at the Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programme in Thailand, with a particular interest in melioidosis. 

Dr Nick Brown

Consultant medical microbiologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Lead Public Health Microbiologist for the East of England region and the President of the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, which set up ‘Antibiotic Action’ – a campaign to reinvigorate antibiotic development. He has presented on antibiotic resistance with UK Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, in the House of Commons. 

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Ms Aparna Barua​

Advocacy Officer of Foundation Europe (SFE) where she leads on development, coordination and implementation of advocacy and policy outreach on neglected tropical diseases. She has worked with NGOs in Central Asia conducting entomological studies in malaria and leishmaniasis and health education programs in southern India.

Prof Alan Fenwick

A leading figure in the field of Neglected Tropical Diseases .  Is a former member of a Scientific Technical Advisory Group (STAG) on NTDs for the WHO (2009 and 2011).  In 2012 he was made an honorary fellow of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and is the current director of the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI).

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Dr Zeynep Gurtin

A research associate of the Reproductive Sociology Research Group at the University of Cambridge. Zeynep’s research interests concern the social and ethical issues surrounding the globalization of assisted reproductive technologies. Her work specializes in three areas: IVF in the Middle East, egg-donation and egg-sharing, and “reproductive tourism”. 

Mr Gareth Walker

An international program manager for Doctors of the World UK. Gareth is an experienced programme and operations manager for INGO’s delivering high quality impact in many African and Asian countries. He has a background in disaster operations and development management and has experience in the following sectors: food security, livelihoods, and conflict resolution. 

Global Health Partnerships

Fleur Kitsell

Head of Innovation and Development in the Workforce Development team of NHS South Central, developing schemes to prepare individuals for senior leadership roles. She leads the Improving Global Health through the Leadership Development programme, which provides NHS volunteers with the unique opportunity to develop their own leadership abilities by contributing to the improvement of sustainable healthcare in a resource-poor setting outside of the UK.

Natasha Mellor

A PhD candidate working on the MOVE (Measuring the Educational Outcomes of Volunteering) project alongside Prof Louise Ackers and Dr Lucie Byrne Davis. Natasha has a particular interest in measurement and international development and is currently studying in the Social Policy department of Salford University. Natasha is the UK country coordinator for VACI-Ghana and developed a school counselling program in rural Ghana. 

Mental Health

Dr Tine Van Bortel

Currently holds the position of Senior Research Associate in Public Health at Cambridge University’s Institute of Public Health. She is also the Adj Associate Professor in Global Health at the University of Notre Dame in England. 

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