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Who we are

Polygeia is a non-partisan student-run think tank engaging the brightest student minds in research on global health issues and policies.

Our Mission

  • To deliver high-quality research: Each of our research teams is led by at least one postgraduate editor with considerable experience, and brings together students from a variety of subject backgrounds to ensure a diverse range of insights.

  • To act as a springboard to foster the next generation of public health leaders: We provide an unparalleled platform for students to hone their research skills and engage with global health issues, offering our researchers training sessions as well as the chance to present their work at our annual conference.

Our Name

The name ‘Polygeia’ stems from the heart of what we aim to do: to provide policies (τὰ πολιτικά) that will drive better health (ὗγίεια). 

The global aspect of our work is referenced in the alternative derivation; many countries (πολλή γαῖα).

Pronounced Poly〈g〉eia with a soft G, our name pertains to the modern Greek phrase “Poli Ygeia” - a wish for good health.

Indeed, our organisation is driven by our wish to contribute to the establishment of equitable access of excellent health across the globe.

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