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Who we are

Polygeia is a non-partisan think tank training tomorrow's leaders in global health.

Our alumni have gone on to work for the World Health Organisation, the World Bank and the Center for Global Development.

Our Mission

  • To deliver high-quality research, supporting academics, NGOs and governments in achieving global health goals.

  • To train the next generation of global health leaders.

Our Name

The name ‘Polygeia’ stems from the heart of what we aim to do: to provide policies (τὰ πολιτικά) that will drive better health (ὗγίεια). 

The global aspect of our work is referenced in the alternative derivation; many countries (πολλή γαῖα).

Pronounced Poly〈g〉eia with a soft G, our name pertains to the modern Greek phrase “Poli Ygeia” - a wish for good health.

Indeed, our organisation is driven by our wish to contribute to the establishment of equitable access of excellent health across the globe.

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