Central Committee


Akhila K Jayaram


Akhila is a Biophysics PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge, researching membrane interactions in the context of misfolding diseases. As Director at Polygeia, she oversees the organisation's overall functioning and strategy and hopes to involve more youth in the policymaking process. Previously, she was involved with Polygeia as an editor, researcher and branch editor. In the future, she hopes to build a career in the fields of consulting and science policy.



Nazifa Ullah

Head of Operations

Nazifa is a 4th year Medical student at UCL, and has also completed a Bachelor's degree in Global Health and Development. As Deputy Director she overseas Polygeia’s operations: coordinating recruitment of committee and researchers and overseeing the marketing and publicity team. Nazifa also contributes to decisions about Polygeia’s strategy and future direction. She hopes to be involved in shaping global health policies in the future.


Mark Cheng Cambridge Marketing Officer a

Mark Cheng


Mark is a 3rd year Medical Student based at the University of Cambridge. He has previously led projects in student global health organisations and medtech initiatives. He is fascinated by the operational and financial aspects of healthcare systems and academical institutes, and will work with Polygeia to spread the word about our activities and projects across Cambridge. His interests include Epidemiology and Public Health, Healthcare and MedTech management and consultancy.



Sharan Syam

Strategy Lead

Sharan is a 4th year medical student at Imperial College London. He is currently undertaking a Bsc in Cardiovascular Sciences, having done previous research in the intersection between cardiovascular disease and public health. He is passionate about improving healthcare outcomes globally and hopes to influence public health policy in the future. As the Strategy Lead for Polygeia, he works closely with both the Director and the Non-Executive Directors to advise, coordinate and implement strategic objectives. 


IMG_2658 - Emilia Lindquist.jpg

Emilia Lindquist

Deputy Head of Policy

Emilia is an MSc Global Health Policy student at LSE, having previously completed a BSc in Biomedical Science from Imperial College London 2019. She has a specific interest in changing policy around Lyme disease. As Deputy Head of Policy at Polygeia, she is responsible for driving internal projects and fostering relationships with external commissioners.



Catherine Dominic

Head of Policy

Catherine is a 3rd year Medical Student based the the Queen Mary University of London and Barts Hospital. As Head of Policy at Polygeia, she is responsible for driving internal projects and fostering relationships with external commissioners. She hopes to specialise in infectious diseases, with a focus on disease control and neglected tropical diseases.


3 - Anna T..jpg

Anna Tran

Editor in Chief

Anna has completed her BSc (Honours) in Life Sciences at McMaster University, Canada and Human, Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge.She hopes to pursue a Doctor of Medicine while continuing my work in clinical research and volunteer work in the non-profit sector to lead meaningful change for youth empowerment, environmental advocacy, and mental health awareness.  As the editor-in-chief, her role is to oversee all the research teams and their projects, as well as, the Polygeia annual conference. 



Karen Soh


Karen is an Undergraduate student reading Medicine at the University of Cambridge. She has previous research experience in cardiology, obstetrics and gynaecology across the US and the UK. As Treasurer, Karen coordinates the financial aspects of the society to ensure that Polygeia can continue to produce high-quality research and further increase the scope of its annual conference. Karen hopes to go into health economics and consultancy in the future.

treasurer@ polygeia.com

Berkehan Photo - B erkilic.jpg

Berkehan Erkilic

Training and Development Lead

Berkehan is a 4th year medical student an MBA to be based in Turkey. He is involved with several NGOs and  a passionate global health advocate. He believes in Meaningful Youth Participation in all domains of science, technology and workforce is the key to solving the most arduous problems of modern world. As Training Lead at Polygeia, he will be responsible for overseeing our training programmes across different branches.


Luke Cavanaugh Training Lead.jpg

Luke Cavanaugh

International Growth Lead

Luke is a Schwarzman Scholar currently pursuing a Masters in Global Affairs, having completed a BA in English at the University of Cambridge. He is also actively involved with the European Student Think tank as Editor-in-Chief and has co-founded the Student Think Tank for Europe-Asia Relations (STEAR). As International Growth Lead, he liaises with prospective Branch Presidents in setting up Polygeia chapters outside the UK.


IMG_4331 - Bristol Cardiology Society.jp

Aoibhinn Murray

UK Growth Lead

Aoibhinn is a medical student based at the University of Bristol. She hopes to build a career as a global surgeon working in the rural and remote areas in third world countries and help abridge the inequities of healthcare globally. As UK Growth Lead, she liaises with prospective Branch Presidents in setting up Polygeia chapters within  the UK.



Anna Chaplin

Internal Strategy Lead

Anna is a PhD Candidate in Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge.  She previously led a project on mental health interventions in the gig economy as an editor. She hopes to go into the fields of epidemiology and global health in the future. As Director of Internal Strategy, she is organising internal focus groups to improve how teams work with each other and across functions, which will further inform our expansion strategy


Amelia Tan Press Officer.jpg

Amelia Tan

Press Officer

Amelia Tan is a 2nd year Undergraduate at the University of Cambridge reading Education with a focus on Policy and International Development. As the Press Officer, she will be responsible for disseminating information of notable research projects conducted within Polygeia. Amelia hopes to pursue a career in international development in the future.