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Overcoming Health Inequalities in Sexual Minorities in Hong Kong and Mainland China

Utilising Existing Interventions as Tools to Overcome Health Inequalities in Sexual Minorities in Hong Kong and Mainland China

Following our Hong Kong branch’s previous scoping review last year on the Barriers to Healthcare Access of Sexual Minorities in Hong Kong and Mainland China, we were extremely inspired to continue our meaningful research in this area by exploring the potential of existing interventions as effective tools to overcome these hurdles that are contributing to significant health inequalities in this population.

As such, this research initiatives aims to look at and address the following questions: what programs and platforms currently exist to build and promote access to healthcare for sexual minorities? In view of Hong Kong’s unique sociocultural context, what are the specific health needs that must be considered? How may existing effective solutions be enhanced to promote health for sexual minorities groups in our local region?

In addition to carrying out a literature review to examine the existing evidence, we also plan to conduct a situation analysis to look at the healthcare landscape in the locality. Based on these findings, we will then a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis to adapt and provide policy and research recommendations in response to this important challenge.

Led by Ms. Steffi Loh, the team on this project consists of six experienced researchers hailing from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds: Ms. Stephanie Lee, Ms. Zara Hussain, Ms. Yee Man Hung (Anna), Ms. Yuet Lam Chun (Alisha), Ms. Karolina Smolicz, and Mr. Christos Petritsis, who are united in their passion to address and bridge the gaps in existing health inequalities both locally and globally.

This blog post was prepared by members of the Polygeia Hong Kong Branch.


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