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2021 Conference Brochure


Poster Presentations

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment for Transgender Individuals: A Systematic Review

Promises and Pitfalls of Centralised Data-Sharing Platforms in Healthcare

Climate change policy must address emerging infectious disease

Prospects of Lassa Fever Candidate Vaccines

The Role of Physician Induced Demand in the Relationships Between Surgeons and Medical Device Representatives

A qualitative look at Sierra Leone maternal health landscape, stakeholders and partner relationships

Workforce Diversity in Global Health Organisations: a qualitative study

Effects of school-based interventions on primary school students’ mental wellbeing: a thematic synthesis

The environmental impact of menstrual products: A scoping review of the Ugandan perspective

A literature review of novel technical approaches to combat antibiotic resistance

Restoring public trust in vaccines: The role of governments and healthcare providers

The socioeconomic lens in nudge interventions targeting diet and physical activity

The efficacy of nudge interventions on increasing vaccination rate: a systematic review and meta-analysis of the published and preprinted literature

Ethics of AI applications in Healthcare

The psychological impact of COVID-19 on university students: An evaluation of mental health interventions of universities from pre and post COVID era 

Literature Review on Strategies for Incorporating Multi-sectoral and Inter-sectorial Approaches at a Sub-National Level for WASH and Nutrition Interventions in the Sub-Saharan African Region

Road to Decriminalization - Sex Work, US Labor Laws, and Healthcare Coverage

UK policy on preventing gestational diabetes through diet and physical activity interventions: a policy proposal

Traumatic Brain Injury from Intimate Partner Violence in Female Veterans

A Digital Disease: the Role of Bot Networks in Spreading Misinformation during COVID-19

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