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The Team


Akhila K Jayaram


Akhila is a Biophysics PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge, researching membrane interactions in the context of misfolding diseases. As Director at Polygeia, she oversees the organisation's overall functioning and strategy and hopes to involve more youth in the policymaking process. Previously, she was involved with Polygeia as an editor, researcher and branch editor. In the future, she hopes to build a career in the fields of consulting and science policy.


Nazifa Ullah

Head of Operations

Nazifa is a 4th year Medical student at UCL, and has also completed a Bachelor's degree in Global Health and Development. As Deputy Director she overseas Polygeia’s operations: coordinating recruitment of committee and researchers and overseeing the marketing and publicity team. Nazifa also contributes to decisions about Polygeia’s strategy and future direction. She hopes to be involved in shaping global health policies in the future.


Aidan Yuen


Aidan is a Master's student in Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Previously, he has experience working with the Government of Western Australia. As Secretary at Polygeia, he is responsible for smooth communication internally and with external stakeholders. He wishes to lead epidemiological research and drive global health policy around humanitarian health in the future.


Strategy Lead

Position currently vacant - please check bit.ly/Strategy-Lead to apply!

Marine Delgrange

Deputy Head of Policy

Marine is a MSc Population Health student based at UCL. Previously, she has worked at the European Commission as a Blue Book Trainee and is also active in organising WHO simulations in the UK. As Deputy Head of Policy, she supports Polygeia's activities in seeking external commissioners. She is passionate about health policy and hopes to either go into a doctoral programme or gain work experience, with a focus on health systems strengthening, economic evaluation and public health in the EU.


Catherine Dominic

Head of Policy

Catherine is a 3rd year Medical Student based the the Queen Mary University of London and Barts Hospital. As Head of Policy at Polygeia, she is responsible for driving internal projects and fostering relationships with external commissioners. She hopes to specialise in infectious diseases, with a focus on disease control and neglected tropical diseases.


Dr. Nileema Patel

Head of Publications

Dr. Nileema Patel is a Public Health Registrar at the Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust, having completed her MBBS at King's College London with a BSc in Global Health. She is currently pursuing an MSc in Global Health and Epidemiology at the University of Oxford. She trained as a Foundation Doctor with the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust and has also interned with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in NYC, USA. She has extensive experience in conducting systematic reviews and policy analysis. At Polygeia, she will facilitate the founding of our new Peer-reviewed Online Global Health Journal which will allow students from all over the world to submit short articles around current topics. 


Marios Erotocritou

Editor in Chief

Marios is a sixth-year medical student at UCL. Having attained a 1st class honours in Biomedical Sciences, he furthered his experience in the world of academia, by collaborating with various research groups in the fields of medicine and surgery. As the editor-in-chief, his role is to oversee all the research teams and their projects, as well as, the Polygeia annual conference. He is passionate about the advancement of medicine and surgery, not only on a national but also on a global level, in order to minimise health inequalities. He aims to achieve this goal by influencing changes in policies, clinical education and training.


Luke Cavanaugh

Training Lead

Luke is a 3rd year Undergraduate reading English at Gonville and Caius, University of Cambridge. He has previously worked as an Editor at the European Student Think Tank. As Training Lead at Polygeia, he will be responsible for overseeing our training programmes across different branches and also establishing an e-learning policy course targeted at students with limited experience in the field. He hopes to be involved with the development of Policy Research, particularly with an international focus, in the future.


Karen Soh


Karen is an Undergraduate student reading Medicine at the University of Cambridge. She has previous research experience in cardiology, obstetrics and gynaecology across the US and the UK. As Treasurer, Karen coordinates the financial aspects of the society to ensure that Polygeia can continue to produce high-quality research and further increase the scope of its annual conference. Karen hopes to go into health economics and consultancy in the future.

treasurer@ polygeia.com

Charlie Pitcairn

Sponsorship Lead

Charlie is a third year medical student based at Imperial College London and is passionate about world of global health and international development. As Sponsorship Lead at Polygeia, Charlie liaises with companies to secure funding for the Annual Conference and general running of the organisation. He wishes to work in health systems development and humanitarian medicine in the international sector, in the future.


Sohini Thakor

Marketing Lead

Sohini is a 5th-year medical student at Imperial College London and has just completed her intercalated BSc in Management at Imperial College Business School. She has a particular interest in emergency medicine and global politics. As Marketing Lead, Sohini aims to increase Polygeia’s presence amongst university students and promote awareness in global health.


Amelia Tan

Press Officer

Amelia Tan is a 2nd year Undergraduate at the University of Cambridge reading Education with a focus on Policy and International Development. As the Press Officer, she will be responsible for disseminating information of notable research projects conducted within Polygeia. Amelia hopes to pursue a career in international development in the future.


Yasmin Biswas

Social Media Officer

Yasmin is a 5th year Medical student at Imperial College London with a BSc in Reproductive and Developmental Sciences. As Social Media Officer, she will be responsible for overseeing Polygeia's social media strategy. She hopes to work in the NHS in the future, while specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She also wishes to be more involved in Public Health and Policy.


Anna Chaplin

Branch President

Anna is a PhD Candidate in Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge. As President for the Cambridge Branch, Anna oversees the recruitment, policy and logistical operations. She previously led a project on mental health interventions in the gig economy as an editor. She hopes to go into the fields of epidemiology and global health in the future.


Ollie Moodie


Ollie is a 3rd year Medical Student with a BA in Sociology based at the University of Cambridge.  He is passionate about policy-level change in medicine and wishes to work on healthcare infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa in the future. As Secretary, he ensures smooth communication between the branch and the central committee.



Mark Cheng

Marketing Officer

Mark is a 2nd year Medical Student based at the University of Cambridge. He has previously led projects in student global health organisations and medtech initiatives. He is fascinated by the operational and financial aspects of healthcare systems and academical institutes, and will work with Polygeia to spread the word about our activities and projects across Cambridge. His interests include Epidemiology and Public Health, Healthcare and MedTech management and consultancy.


Anamay Shetty

Branch Editor

Anamay is a 4th year Medical student at the University of Cambridge, currently intercalating in bioengineering. He has previously done research with computational biology groups looking at polygenic risk stratification and classification of cis-regulatory peaks in prostate cancer. He is also interested in the politics of global health and efforts to implement universal health care. He was a researcher with Polygeia in 2018 – looking at reforms to UK surrogacy laws – and he is keen to use this experience to support teams as a branch editor.


Haowen Kwan

Branch Editor

Haowen is a 5th year medical student at the University of Cambridge. He is interested in healthcare management on a global and population level and has experience working on healthcare projects at a management consultancy. He has previously worked with Polygeia as a researcher and Sponsorship Officer. As Branch Editor, he will manage research teams.



Emma Norris

Branch Editor

Emma is an MPhil Therapeutic Sciences student at the University of Cambridge. She is passionate about giving young people a voice in policymaking and co-founded an online journalism initiative. She also has experience in the management consultancy sphere, with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry. As Branch Editor, she will be managing research teams. She hopes to stimulate change at a global level to increase access to medicines, in the future.


Cidalia Eusebio


Cidalia is a Master's student in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is also an Intensive Care Nurse at St. Bartholomew's Hospital London. As Secretary, she is responsible for smooth communication between the London branch and the central committee. She hopes to work in the field of health systems and nursing policy in the future, with a view to pursue a doctoral programme in Public Health.


Laraib Ali


Laraib is a professional based in a technology company out of London, with a background in Biological Sciences from the University of East Anglia. As President for the London Branch, Laraib oversees the recruitment, policy and logistical operations.


London BRANCh

Ka Yan Cheung

Marketing Officer

Ka Yan is a 5th year Medical student based at Imperial College London. She has previously held publicity roles in student organisations. She is passionate about paediatrics and public health, and wants to be involved with policymaking in the future. As Marketing Officer, she is responsible for spreading the word about our activities and projects across London.



Dhruti Devshi

Training Officer

Dhruti is a PhD student in Immunology at King’s College London. She is passionate about global health and also volunteers with MSF, focusing on health interventions in resource-poor settings. As Training Officer, she is responsible for scheduling training sessions for the London branch.


Ryan Tan

Training Lead

Ryan is an MSc student in Health and Demography in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Law from the London School of Economics and has broad experience from law to health policy. As Training Lead, he will be brainstorming and coordinating new training initiatives, and work closely with the Training Officer. Ryan hopes to pursue a PhD in either population health or epidemiology focusing on both health policy and law in the future.


Orla Williams

Branch Editor

Orla is a 4th year Medical student based at Imperial College London. She has undertaken medical research placements including time at a neuroimmunology lab at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. Being involved in a number of social projects, she believes that research should align with human needs. As Branch Editor, Orla oversees projects in London, providing ongoing supervision and support to these research teams. Orla hopes to go into research, surgery or global health policy.  She would also like to lead the WHO one day!


Siddharth Basetti

Branch Editor

Siddharth is a 5th year Medical student at Imperial College London, having completed an intercalated BSc in Global Health. He spent a year in Japan under the Tokyo Medicine and Dentistry Exchange programme, where he worked on an independent research project. He has also authored multiple peer-reviewed publications. As Branch Editor, Siddharth oversees projects in London, providing ongoing supervision and support to these research teams. 


Hampton Gaddy


Hampton is a BA Human Sciences Undergraduate based at the University of Oxford. He worked with Polygeia as an Editor last year, researching on microplastics and their effect on health. As President, Hampton oversees the recruitment, policy and logistical operations. He hopes to go into the field of epidemiology in the context of global health policy in the future.


Theo Kelly

Marketing Officer

Theo is a 2nd year Human Sciences undergraduate student based at the University of Oxford. He has previously worked as a web developer and is currently a digital freelancer. As Marketing Officer, he is responsible for spreading the word about our activities and projects around Oxford. Theo hopes to be involved in PsychTech/MedTech startups in the future.


Oxford BRANCh

Rebecca Perez

Branch Editor​

Rebecca is a Human Sciences undergraduate student at the University of Oxford. She has extensive experience acting as a liaison between research, funding and information dissemination across various organisations. She has a strong interest in research and public policy, and hopes to work in the field of epidemiology and/or public health in a non-profit/government setting. As Branch Editor, she will be overseeing and supporting research teams.



Branch Editor

This position is currently vacant! Please get in touch if you are interested in getting involved.