Irina Mindlina

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Inesa has taken over the directorship role from Gabriel Lambert in April 2016. She has been an active member of Polygeia since September 2015, operating as the Training and Recruitment Lead. Currently, Inesa is undertaking a PhD in medical sciences at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London.

Inesa is passionate about engaging with the public, and discussing health policy issues affecting the UK and the world. 

Head of Operations

Benjamin Devoy

Paul is a fifth-year medical student at Cambridge. As Deputy Director, he oversees the marketing, operations, training and recruitment divisions of Polygeia. Paul has an interest in health policy – he believes that the institutions that govern and coordinate the distribution of healthcare are as important to the success of any healthcare system as the doctors providing the care itself.


Kuok Ren Teh

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As External Deputy Director, Mohammed is responsible for ensuring that all the different Polygeia branches continue working harmoniously together. He is a fifth year Medical student at Cambridge and was previously a researcher at Polygeia, working on strategies to manage MDR-TB in high burden areas. He is very interested in international political behaviours and how health and policy is manipulated and influenced. 

Central Committee

-Editor in Chief-

Parth Patel

As co-editor in chief, Parth is involved in coordinating, overseeing and supporting this year's teams across Polygeia's branches.  He strongly believes in the abilities of students in shaping healthcare policy, and hopes to catalyse the development of the next generation of global health researchers.

Parth has an avid interest in health promotion, prevention and services delivery, with particular emphasis on non-communicable diseases. He is a fourth year medical student at the University of Cambridge who has various experiences in leadership and healthcare.


Agata Sularz

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Anna Kuligowska

Anna is a fifth year Clinical Medicine student at the University of Cambridge, having specialised in physiology and development in her third year research project. She is overseeing the financial side of the society, keeping everything within budget. She will ensure the best use of funds to maximise the scope of the society and future conferences for Polygeia as a global health think-tank. Having been part of the original team working on the launch conference, she is excited to continue contributing to such an innovative society and to help it grow!

-Press Officer-

Tsolmon Tsogbayar

As Press Officer, Tsolmon hopes to increase awareness and broaden the outreach of the work by Polygeia's researchers via the online blog and other media platforms.  Tsolmon is a graduate medical student at Imperial College. After obtaining a Biochemistry BSc at Queen Mary University, she went on to complete an MSc in Human Molecular Genetics, also at Imperial College. During her BSc and MSc, Tsolmon developed a keen interest in scientific research and literature, and aims to engage students in critiquing research papers through her role as Journal Club Officer at Imperial. Originally from Mongolia, she has witnessed global health inequalities first hand. Her experiences volunteering there have fueled her passion for health education & policy.

-Social Media Officer​-

Emma Pope

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As Social Media Officer, Emma will be managing the Twitter and Facebook accounts. She will be keeping in touch with the research teams for exciting developments in order to share on Social Media. She applies the skills she learnt as Social Media Officer for the student newspaper BlewsWire to the Polygeia accounts in order to reach the maximum number of people and have the largest impact possible. She is a second year studying Psychological and Behavioural Sciences with a passion for honest scientific communication, critical analysis and making a positive change in society.


Robert Hyder-Wilson

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Rob is a second year Medic at the University of Oxford. When he manages to find time between lectures and tutorials, he is a keen Judoka and enjoys attending with friends the many and varied events Oxford University hosts around the city.



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Namir Asmar

Namir is a fifth year medic studying at the University of Cambridge with an interest in global public health, particularly where it relates to pathology such as with neglected tropical diseases. His main role in Polygeia is ensuring the website is functional and regularly updated, and helping out with general committee requirements.

Cambridge Committee


Dawn Lao

Rebecca is a 5th year medical student at Selwyn College. As president she oversees recruitment, policy and logistics operations in Cambridge. She is passionate about encouraging students from all disciplines to get involved and think innovatively to about global health policy. Having intercalated in sociology and politics she is interested in the broader demands on governments and how they can be influenced to make health a priority globally. She is excited to work with her brilliant team to engage students in global health.

-Marketting Officer-

Andrei Serov

Sujit Gnanakumar is a fourth year medical student at Cambridge and will be working as marketing officer. He has an interest in global public health and in particular looking at reverse innovation, having initially worked on the team looking at Global Health Partnerships

-Secretary/Recruitment- Officer

Hera Asa

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Chidera is a 5th Year Medical student at Cambridge, who will be working to recruit new researchers and improve visibility of Polygeia throughout the university. Chidera hopes to to increase the diversity of Polygeia researchers, with the aim attract students and experts from a range of different subject backgrounds.  She has a keen interest in neurology and neuropsychiatry, and is particularly interested in healthcare policy within the context of mental illness, especially in areas of economic deprivation.

-Training Officer-

Duleni Herath

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London Committee


Stephanie Yeung

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As President of the London branch, Amy is overseeing the coordination and logistics of Polygeia’s operations in London. Amy is studying for a PhD in human rights, health, and technology at the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex. She previously completed her BSc in Anthropology and MA in Human Rights at UCL. Amy began working with Polygeia in 2016 as an intern, where her interest in global public health developed. Amy is an ardent advocate of health as a fundamental human right, and she is excited to be working alongside medical and public health specialists to explore the ways in which health policy can advance the right to health around the world.


Sally Mohammed

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As the Secretary and Recruitment Officer of the London Branch, George is overseeing the recruitment process of London’s Editors and Researchers. Prior to embarking on a medical degree at UCL, George completed his BSc in biomedical sciences. During this time, he developed a keen interest in scientific research and hopes to pursue an academic career in the future.

George’s involvement with Polygeia stems from an interest in the role of technology in healthcare, of surgery in a global context and the impact of neglected diseases. George strongly believes in the importance of student engagement in global affairs to promote discussions amongst new generations, especially by bringing together individuals from different social and academic backgrounds.

-Training Officer-

Brian Wong

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-Conference Manager-

Position VACANT

This Position has not yet been recruited

Policy Teams

-Cambridge Branch-


Julien Subburayalu

Rosie is a 3rd year PhD student at Darwin College, her research is focused on the molecular origins of Alzheimer's disease. She joined Polygeia last year as an editor, working with Global Health England to assess current global health education provision for medical and pharmacy students, with the study results used inform future policy decisions. This year she looks forwards to working with the Cambridge team to deliver innovative projects which provide genuine value to the global health research community.

-Cambridge Branch-


Wayne Soo

Catherine is a fifth year medical student and has been involved with Polygeia since 2015. She was attracted to Polygeia by the promise of getting involved in public health and social innovation. Her first year did not disappoint, giving her the unique opportunity to research the emerging role of mobile technology in neglected tropical diseases, with the work now pending publication. Her wish to explore a more managerial role has led to her assuming the role of branch editor for 2016-2017. As branch editor, Catherine will oversee all the projects at Cambridge, providing ongoing support and supervision to ensure all projects are of excellent quality with the potential for real-world impact.

-Cambridge Branch-


Anna Yakovleva

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Charlotte is a D.Phil candate in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford.

She has a background in medical anthropology, with her experience has focusing on use of ethnographic and socio-linguistic methodologies to explore patient experiences of health and illness with cross-cultural focus.  She is interested in socio-cultural approaches to tropical medicine, NCDs particularly obesity and diabetes, and passionate about researching women’s health. She was an editor for Polygeia last year, and looks forward to working with the team as one of the lead branch editors for Oxford.

-Cambridge Branch-



Jennifer Lee

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Oxford Committee


Thomas Brockwell

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Alice is studying for a PhD in pathology, with research focus on immunology and infectious diseases. She was previously a researcher at Polygeia, investigating female genital mutilation reporting and patient data collection in England. She is also interested in science communication and public engagement, and is an editorial writer for Science Innovation Union, often writing about recent healthcare innovations.


Becca Young

As Secretary and Recruitment officer, Tom is responsible for interviewing and selecting this year’s team of editors and researchers and ensuring effective communication between them, and with the committee, as they develop their projects. A 1st year medical student at the University of Oxford, Tom became interested in global health while participating in Model United Nations, especially how to respond to diseases which cross borders and the role that International Governmental Organisations should play in effective response. 


New York Committee


Cheryl Foo

As co-president of Polygeia-New York, Cheryl will be coordinating the team, in sync with the UK Committees. Cheryl graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences and is currently PhD student in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. As part of the Global Mental Health Lab at TC, she is involved in the adaptation and implementation of interpersonal therapy for under-resourced communities, with a particular interest in refugee, displaced and immigrant populations. She hopes to advance implementation research on the integration of mental health into primary and community care settings and is energised by the interdisciplinary, multi-sectoral and systems-approach Polygeia’s research takes. 


Brigitte Kazzie

Brigitte has worked on several community service projects in the Middle East on topics like post-conflict reconstruction and the current refugee crisis. She is a first-year medical student at Columbia University and hopes to deepen her knowledge on the different ways one can provide basic healthcare to underserved populations. She is excited to help meet the needs of global communities and empower the work of NGOs as co-president of the Polygeia NYC branch.

-Head of Policy/Director of


NYC branch-

Melanie Uhde

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Melanie is a m Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University Medical Center.  After gaining her PhD in immunology at the University of Hamburg, she focused her research on human autoimmune and infectious diseases. To gain insights into health management in developing countries, she volunteered at  the NGO "Jamaica AIDS Support for Life" contributing in HIV surveillance and education.  She has also worked at the  NGO "Shoklo Malaria Research Unit" in Thailand, working on epidemiological analysis of tuberculosis treatment in Burmese migrant population.  Currently she is pursuing a Certificate in International Relations and Science Policy at the Medical Center of Columbia University, New York. We look forward to using her vast history of publication in strengthening the quality of our fantastic work in NYC.

-Branch Editor-

Margaret Desmond

As Editor-in-Chief of Polygeia-New York, Margaret oversees the teams of the New York branch, spanning across multiple academic institutions and consist of members from diverse academic backgrounds. Margaret is also Fordham's Campus Ambassador for the Gift of Life Marrow Registry, a research team member of the Recognizing Women Project, a representative for the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, and a member of the leadership team for World Merit New York. Her goal is to continuing connecting students from a wide range of backgrounds and institutions to create change in the world, especially through Polygeia and its research teams.