Politics in Medicine

Oxford Team members:

Bryan Adriaanse (editor)

Alice Hawryszkiewycz

Katharine Noonan

Tom Gardiner

Clare Hyde

The Polygeia Politics and Medicine group is a diverse group of science students aiming to investigate relevant problems encountered daily by key players in the UK political landscape (i.e. Councillors, MPs  and Ministers) when making policy. This year’s theme is Mental health due to the inherent interest of the investigators and the attention this topic has gained over the last year in news and social media. After evaluating hurdles encountered by several MPs and ministers to determine the key-topics, the project addresses why depression is specifically important to investigate in old age, and what are the critical challenges to be dealt with; physical health comorbidities and how they influence depression; how loneliness impacts depressions, and the relationship between depression and dementia. These efforts will result in a comprehensive white paper that may inform discussions held in parliament and give an objective direction to mental health policy making in the UK.