Migrant Health

Oxford Team members:

Valentina Aronica

Georgina Brett

Anna Carlqvist and

Caragh Murphy

The project on Migration Health (Oxford branch) has developed into finding the main barriers and issues in relation to how pregnant migrant women access the healthcare system in the UK. A crucial issue to consider is the terminology used when relating to migrants, not only because in the difficulty in understanding 'who' might be identified as a migrant but also in terms of the social repercussions that such understandings might have. Gender, lack of information, language barriers and the recent legal developments in the UK have been identified as important issues in accessing the healthcare system in the UK. The lack of proper assistance during pregnancy could cause serious problems in post-partum situations; while both non-profit organisations and hospitals aim at providing assistance in relation to reproductive health, a targeted political approach is needed to limit such risks.

London Team members:

Luis Ribeiro (Editor)

Sarah Sturrock

Ashwini Arvind

Esme Wheeler

The London Migrant Health Team is looking into the risk factors that contribute to the development of mental health disorders in refugee women. The team aims to highlight areas of improvement in the care of these migrants and ultimately to develop a screening tool that could aid healthcare and social workers identify those at higher risk.