Cambridge Team members:

Anna Fruehauf

Charlie Whittaker (Editor)

Catherine Hsu

Hattie Hunter

Georgie Girdwood

The team is exploring the use of mHealth technologies for the management and treatment of neglected tropical diseases in resource poor settings. They are looking at the implementation of mobile technologies in a wide variety of different contexts, ranging from its use in surveillance and mapping, to improving the quality of care patients receive, to educating and raising awareness amongst the larger population. In all cases they are examining the way in which these newly developing technologies can be utilised to benefit a wide range of stakeholders, and the opportunities and challenges that their implementation presents for the future of neglected tropical diseases.

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Oxford Team members:

Samantha Royston (Editor)

Joanna Klaptocz

Kevin Ray

Laura Makin 

James Maye

Our team writes monthly online blogs for the charity Lepra. Lepra is a UK based charity that focuses on helping people with leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases. We have covered many topics including gender equality and disability. Writing on World Malaria Day and World Africa Day has allowed us to explore how the charity’s work fits in with wider social issues. More generally it has been exciting to use blogging as a tool to educate and engage with the public about such an important cause.