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London Team members:

Jasmine Wakeel (Editor)

Tiara Nien Paramita (Editor)

Tumi Imevbore

Tessa Fautz

Nikita Patel

The team is working with Forward UK - Foundation for Women's Health Research and Development, a leading African women’s diaspora organisation that works to safeguard girls at risk of female genital mutilation and support women affected by it. The team is conducting an assessment of the current FGM specialist services available in the London area, which will help understanding how accessible these services are, and identifying any discrepancies in the level of care. The ultimate goal is to provide recommendations to improve and standardize FGM care.

Oxford Team members:

Charlotee Albury (Editor)

Peggy Fooks (Editors)

Alice Ahn

Jolet Mimpen

Shannon Lancombe

The UK Government's strategy in preventing FGM, and prosecuting perpetrators, relies heavily on information gathering from health and social care professionals. Since 2014 the government has been collecting data on rates of FGM in England, and 2015 saw a move to a newer, more detailed method of data collection known as The Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Enhanced Dataset.  This dataset stores information that has been collected by healthcare providers in England which concerns rates of FGM. The researchers have explored the creation and use of the HSCIC enhanced dataset for reporting of female genital mutilation (FGM) in England, and the separate legislation concerning girls under the age of eighteen. Particular attention has been paid to the type of data which are collected (including patient identifiable data) and how these data are used; whether the data quality is sufficient to achieve the Government's aims, and whether sufficient steps are being mitigate any unintended negative consequences of such information gathering.

Cambridge Team members:

Amy Welch (Editor)

Sophie McManus (Editor)

Rebecca Walshe

Maria Jose Oomen

Anna Murray

Bhavna Ramachandran

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